Collateral DevelopmentInsight based brand promotion

  • We have a fully equipped and adept in-house design and production team for collateral branding
  • We advise clients on and develop collateral branding options in concurrence with the program objectives
  • We have dedicated teams spread across all our respective active geographies to deploy collateral branding respectively

Collateral Design

Assess and advise clients on the appropriate collateral elements to achieve maximum branding for program

Product Lockdown

Fabricate sample models of the agreed upon collateral branding material and get the samples approved by the client

Assess Need

At the time of program MOU signing, our executive records a basic order from the partner across all approved

Collateral Fabrication

AG then develops all required collateral material after sharing total quantities and cost of production with client

Collateral Deployment

As per consolidated order sheet, our executive physically deploys the required quantity of the branding element(s) at the partner location.

Deployment Audit

A dedicated audit team visits each partner location to ensure collateral material is deployed and in complete view. Photographic evidence of actual deployment of collateral branding material is also taken