Merchant PromotionIncreasing audience pool

  • With a robust infrastructure and an astute knowledge of trends and promotional structures. AG specialises in promoting and marketing partners of all verticals
  • A dedicated team of executives and designers advise, execute and manage promotional strategies for merchant partners
  • With a core specialty in social media, AG also looks at key offline promotional mechanisms

Social Media

Setup and manage partner merchant’s social presence across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Partner Photography

With an in-house team of designers, we specialise in product photography that enables a partner to project their brand appropriately

Partner Imagery

Our designers are geared to strategise and execute an effective “brand imagery” for a partner merchant across all their communications

Event Curation

Curate events, activites and promotional visits at partner outlets that can in turn generate mileage and communication for them

Online Innovation

Our designers are constantly innovating on online tactics that help a partner reach out best. Small flash apps, interactive menus, etc.

Offline Activations

Design and execute offline activations such as tasting sessions, roadshows, etc. that help a partner reach out to the consumer in the last mile