Offer Based Alliances ManagementPin pointed program curation

Alliances Management
  • As one of India’s largest alliance aggregators, AG is currently handling an ever-growing portfolio of national and global clients
  • Our end to end alliance management teams guide our clients through each process of the concept diligently
  • Our core competence is designing, executing & managing offer or loyalty based programs adhering to a client’s brief

Client Brief

Understanding the key brief from the client, sharing market feedback on it and thereby evolving a program tailored to needs

Wishlist Curation

Creation of a master wishlist including all potential partners that can fit into the program as per the brief

Partner Onboarding

Approach desired vendors and discuss the program guidelines at length along with the MOU draft

Database Management

Pertinent information and documents are entered and maintained in a data format. MOU’s forwarded to our clients after due diligence on each one of them

Program Audit

Physical & telephonic audit process to ensure program guidelines. All audits are conducted on an anonymous level to check real time implementation of program

Escalation Management

Allocate dedicated team to identify, address and effectively resolve any consumer escalations Timeline of 48 hours to resolve all escalations with a mutual acceptance by the customer and partner vendor