Offer Discovery InterfaceCritical communication tool

  • We are currently developing an effective and economic communication tool that would help clients promote their offers & reach out to consumers that they have heavily invested in acquiring 
  • The aim through of our soon to launch interfaces is to help end consumers discover relevant offers, promotions and programs in real time and also compare them to ensure they use the best offer at their disposal

Program Diversity

Our interface caters to programs, offers and promotions of all kinds. Owing to a client’s brief.

Partner Spread

Our interface contains within itself potential partner merchants of several verticals to enable a client’s needs as required

Precise Information

Our interface updates & displays all information in real time to enable consumer awareness

One Stop Redemption

The interface includes offer redemptions, reservations, experiences and other such relevant and industry advancing options for consumers

Advertising Promotion

The interface enables a highly penetrative medium for clients to advertise and reach out to a mass of audiences

Partner Promotion

The medium also increases options for precise partner promotion by mechanisms such as ratings, map support, contact, etc.