Customised Technology DevelopmentTailored to Specifications

  • With a constantly technologically evolving universe, we at AG believe in keeping a step ahead of the curve at all times
  • We advise our clients on technological interfaces and requirements that will enable them to achieve a multitude of objectives
  • Dedicated team of developers is constantly looking to innovate and create new interfaces and mediums to promote, display and create an engagement pattern with respective consumers

Fest Curation

Design and management of website and app based interface for clients which lead to a periodically organised food festival

White Labels

Development of white label websites and apps that can patch over existing technological capabilities of clients

Existing Products

Some of our existing technological framework and support can be found with the websites and apps for IndusInd, HSBC, Citibank Gourmet Flavours, Axis Bank, HDFC, etc.

 Constant Communication

Design and management of daily communicative websites and apps for clients in accordance with the audience brief

Focus Driven

Our key focus is customising technological interfaces tailored to a client’s needs while experimenting with new breakthroughs to make the reach to a particular audience precise and highly effective